Teens Witnessing for Christ

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"Let your light SHINE"

Did you know that most people make decisions to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ during their teen years. Oh sure others trust in Jesus as their Savior at other times in life, but statistically, young people seem to be more sensitive to the gospel message. Also, it's during the teen years that most believers make decisions to serve the Lord in full time ministry. For these reasons, teens have important responsibilities toward other teens. A responsibility to tell their friends about salvation through Jesus Christ and a responsibility to encourage other Christian teens to commit their lives to serving God.

Of all the age groups in our society, teens are most susceptible to peer pressure. No other age group cares more about what others their age think and believe. So, teen age Christians, potentially have the greatest opportunity for reaching and impacting other teens. They know the struggles and issues of the day that teens wrestle with. They spend great amounts of time with other teens.

OK! So you see you have this incredible mission field right in front of you, but are you taking advantage of your teen advantage? Think of your own testimony before your teen friends. Is it making them thirsty for spiritual things or do they see you as being "just like any teen"?

There's a song that says, "you're the only Jesus some will ever see." Think about that for a moment. What do your friends see in you?

Do they see a caring person?

Do they see a teenage friend that is moral and honest?

Do they see a friend that's faithful to attend church?

Do they see someone that is truly committed to God in every area of their life?

If your life is going to make your unbelieving friends thirsty spiritually, it needs to be different from the lives of the ordinary worldly teenager. All right, so they see you're different. Now what?

Take a stand, be bold for Jesus!

Let people know you're a Christian.

It's so much easier to let your new friends know right up front that you're a born again Christian. Sometimes we can be afraid of what others will say. Or we can fear loosing potential friends. If you really cared about your friends, wouldn't you want them to trust in Jesus Christ so they will not spend eternity in Hell? Of course you would! So don't be afraid to tell others what you believe. You do believe it don't you? Well then, be confident in God's word! Take a stand for Christ right in front of your friends.

To get started with your witness, every teen should ask, "Who am I impacting for Christ?" Don't be a secret agent Christian teen, sneaking around under cover with none of your friends knowing your true identity as a born again believer. Go over in your mind what you want to tell your friends when the door of opportunity arises. And by all means, if your friends seem like they've locked the door to their minds, at least jiggle the key in the door lock with some provoking questions and most of all a spiritually provoking life style.

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