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Being Punctual as Christians

An English professor wrote the following words on the blackboard and directed his students to punctuate it correctly:

"Woman without her man is nothing."

The men wrote: "Woman, without her man, is nothing."

The women wrote: "Woman! Without her, man is nothing."

What's the difference between Punctuality and Punctuation? Punctuation concerns itself with the specific points in a sentence, Punctuality concerns itself with the specific points of time. Now that I have your attention I'd like to "gently" encourage our congregation about the importance of being Punctual and give some practical advice for being on time to church services. We've all heard the old saying, "better late than never." Yes, when genuine reasons keep one from being on time, it's better to see them show up late than not at all. Still, the goal for all of us should be, to be Punctual for church services. Perhaps a good definition of punctuality is, "arriving a little before the starting time." So, being a bit early to church makes sense. It will give you time to say hello to visitors (who, by the way, are almost always seated long before the service starts). It will cut down on coming to worship all stressed out because you've been rushing around. It will give you a chance to help with any last minute needs, etc. When it comes to being Punctual, the business world "expects" it, but the Lord "DESERVES" it.

Let me give you some practical reasons why being on time should be a priority for us all. When folks come in late, no matter how quiet they enter the service already in progress, they will be distracting some from focusing on the Lord. When the church service starts we're trying to give our full attention to the Lord of Glory through prayer and worshipful songs. When we're all starting at the same time, we all begin worship in unity. The first song and the opening prayer are very important parts of our worship service. Being punctual also sets a positive example for all to follow, including new families that will come to our church.

Now let me give you some practical advice. First, make being on time a priority. When things are a priority, we plan ahead for them. On Saturday evening, have your children take their baths / showers and have the older children set out their church clothes so they're ready to go. Know exactly how long it takes to get to church and set a target time to leave (We all do this for work, don't we.). When it's snowing, leave earlier. When temperatures are below zero, try to start your car long before it's time to leave. The bottom line is, strive to be Punctual. The Lord should be a priority in your life and public worship it part of that priority. So let's help one another keep the focus on the Lord by all starting together and on time.

In Christ, Pastor Terry Aaron

Churches may use this note or portions of it by simply requesting permission.

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