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KIDZ BLITZ 2005 Photos

Ordination Ceremony at Heart's Harvest Fellowship, Bethalto, Illinois

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Rev. & Mrs. Terry Aaron

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Rev. Terry Aaron, Pastor

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Rev. & Mrs. Aaron
Rev. Jeff Smith, Pres. C.C.C.I.

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Ordination Ceremony Prayers

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Group Photo

Other Church Photos - 2005

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Pastor Aaron & David S. Comini

(Cleric) David - Our Florida Evangelist

Patty Aaron & David

Public Church Building - Transition Photos

114 West Market Street, Red Bud, IL 62278

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Sanctuary before

Sanctuary before

Sanctuary before

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Sanctuary after

Sanctuary after

Sanctuary Now

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Sanctuary after

Sanctuary after

Sanctuary Now

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Study before

Study before

Study After

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Study After

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Current Pulpit/Alter/Platform

1st Pulpit/Alter/Platform

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Children's Sunday School Room


Storefront Building downtown