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These links are helpful resources. HFMmay not endorse all of the materials or information at these links. As always, we should search the Scriptures to see if these things are true.

Local Area Websites

HFM Christian Counseling Center

HFM School of Theology
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Sermon Helps / Homiletics

Spurgeon Sermon Archives
Spurgeon Sermons

Church History
Church History

Theological Discussions

Creation Research Center

The Talk Origins Archive

More Creation Info.
More creation

Regular Baptist Press

Excellent Source for Teaching materials

Partners In The Ministry

Majesty Music

The Sword of the Lord

Apologetics Press Home Page


Kingsoft Solutions Library Viewer Home Page

Hall of Church History


ICLnet Home Page

CRI Journal Articles I

The WWW Bible Gateway

Christian Book Co.

Believers Resources on the Internet (1 of 55)

Welcome to Baker Book House

Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet

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