We teach from a Premillienial view. We teach that Christ will return before the millennial Kingdom is established. Jesus will physically reign and live on earth for one thousand years (Rev. 20:4). We reject the Postmillennial view that believes man can usher in Christ by establishing a peaceful world in which all will embrace Christianity. This view is in direct contrast with the fact that Christ will come to defeat those who oppose Him (Isa. 63; Rev.19). The NT clearly teaches a falling away in the end times (1 Tim.4:1; 2 Tim.3:1-5). We also reject the Amillennial view which teaches that there will be no 1000 year reign and that the NT Church will receive the promises and prophecies of OT Israel. This view ignores the literal interpretation (Isa. 11:7, of which we have yet to see).



The Latin term "rapture" means "to transport from one place to another." We teach that Christ will come in the air (not touch down to earth) to resurrect the saints of His Church (1 Thes. 4:15-17). The dead first and those believers that are alive will be caught up to be with Christ. They will be transformed in that they will receive immortal bodies (1 Cor. 15:51-57). We reject the view that believes the rapture is the same as the second coming of Christ, because Christ returns with the saints (Jude 14; Rev. 19). We reject the view that states only spiritual Christians will be raptured, because of Paul's statement "all shall be changed (1 Cor.15:51)" We reject the Mid-Tribulation view which states the Church will go half way through the Tribulation period, because the NT states "God has not appointed us to wrath, (1 Thes.5:9)." We teach that in the Pre-Tribulation view of the rapture, in that all saints dead and alive will be caught up to be with Christ before the Great Tribulation begins (Rev.1-5 mentions Church, however, Rev.6-19 [Tribulation period] no mention of the Church). We teach that some time after the rapture the Church will be judged for rewards (1 Cor.4:5) and the marriage of the Lamb will take place (Rev.19:7-9).


We teach that the Tribulation is a literal period of judgment and affliction. It is a time of punishment (Isa.13:6-20). It will be a period of seven years (Dan.9:24-27; 12:1). During this time the antichrist will emerge and sign a covenant with Israel (Dan.9:27). We teach that there will be a series of three literal judgments upon men. The first is the 7 seals (Rev.6:1-8:5). The second is the seven trumpets (Rev.8:7-11:9). And the third is the 7 bowls (Rev.15:1-16:21). We reject the interpretations that change the meaning of God's word in order to accommodate our modern words and technology.


We teach that Christ return is a literal and physical return from Heaven to the earth (Rev. 19:11-16). There will be visible manifestations in nature as Christ returns (Matt. 24:29). He will return in a similar manner to His ascension (Acts 1; Matt. 24:30). The Lord Jesus will firsts touch down on the Mount of Olives (Zech. 14:4,8). After this Christ, the Church, and His holy angels will march toward Armageddon to defeat the antichrist (Rev. 19:20) and the nations that oppose Him (Isa. 34:6; 63:1). Then Christ will re-gather and restore the nation of Israel (Isa. 43:5-6; Jer.24:6; Exek. 11:17). {See also Future Judgments}.


We teach that the Millennium is a literal 1000 year reign of Christ on earth (Rev. 20:4). During this time the Lord Jesus will do the following: reward the saints (Ps.58:11; Matt.16), redeem creation (Gen.3; Rom.8:19-22), fulfill covenants: Abrahamic,Gen.12;1-17; Davidic, 2 Sam.7:12-16; New covenant, Jer.31:31-34;Heb.8:7-12, fulfill biblical prophecy,1 Pet.1:11, establish world peace, Isa.2;9;11, establish a time of joy, Isa.9;12;14, establish a Holy kingdom, Zeph.3:11,13, establish a glorious kingdom, Isa.24:23;4:2;35:2, provide complete comfort, Rev.21:4, establish a Just kingdom, Isa.9:7; Jer.23:5, bring men into a full knowledge of God and Christ, Hab.2:14, remove the curse, Gen.3; Isa.11:6-9, remove sickness, Ezek.34:16; Mich. 4:6-7, supernaturally preserve life, Isa.41:8-14; Joel 3:16-17, {note, this is not an exhaustive list}. We teach that no unsaved person will enter into the Millennial kingdom (Jn.3:3; Matt.18:3; Zech.13:9). We teach that babies will be born of men and women who survived the Tribulation (Rev.22:2; 2:27; 12:5). Israel will be restored to Its original place through marriage (Isa.54:1-17; Hos.2:14-23), by exaltation (Isa.14:1,2; 49:22,23), by becoming witnesses to God again (Isa.44:8; Mic.5:7; Zeph.3:20). God's elect angels will also be present during this period (Heb.12:22).


We teach the following literal judgments: Judgment of Christians-Bema Seat of Christ [after Rapture], Rom.14:10-12; 1 Cor.3:13; 2 Cor.5:10; Judgment of unbelievers-Great White Throne, Heb.9:27; Rev.20:11-15; Dan.7:9-10 [end Mill.]; Judgment of Gentile nations, Matt.25:32-33 [at second coming]; Judgment of Israel, Ezek.20:37-38 [at second coming]; Judgment of fallen angels, Jude 6; 1 Cor.6:3 [end Mill.]; Judgment of unsaved dead, Rev.20:11-15 [end Mill.]. {See also judgments at the beginning of the Millennium}. We teach that all unbelievers from all ages will be finally cast into the lake of fire. We teach that all fallen angels including Satan himself will be cast into the lake of fire. All that are cast into the lake of fire will suffer and be tormented for eternity.


We teach that there will be two resurrections, the resurrection of the Just and the resurrection of the Unjust. The Just involves those dead in Christ at the time of the rapture (1 Thes. 4:16), those saved during the Tribulation (Rev.20:4), and OT saints (Dan. 12:2). The Unjust involves all unsaved people from all time (Rev.20:11-15) and they will be resurrected at the end of the Millennium.


We teach that at the end of the Millennium God will somehow melt or do away with the old earth (2 Pet.2:12) and then He will create a new Heaven and earth (Isa.65:17; 66:22; 2 Pet. 3:13). We teach that there will be a literal Heavenly Jerusalem City that will descend down onto the New Earth and then it will be the New Jerusalem (Rev.21:1-22:7). This New Jerusalem will be an eternal city (Ezek.40-48). The New Jerusalem is described in Rev. 21:9-22:5. This is clearly not referring to the Millennial Kingdom. This passage describes the eternal state when the city will have no need for sun or moon for light, but instead will have the shining of the glory of the Lord, Rev.21:23. In Rev.22:1-5 we find a clear indication that this city is eternal. We teach that the following individuals will abide in the eternal state of the New earth and the New Jerusalem: all saints (Heb.12:22-24), the bride of Christ (Rev.21:9-10). We teach that all believers and Holy angels will exist forever within the realm of the New Heaven and the New earth. However, all unbelievers and fallen angels will suffer forever in the Lake of Fire.

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