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We understand that teens today live among a world of troubles and sometimes teens are struggling, troubled or find themselves in trouble.

We would like to help you by using God's Word. We believe the answers for life's problems can be found in the Bible.

What's the First STEP to getting Help and Advice from us?

In general terms answer the following: (No explicit details, please.)

What do you need help with?

What are you struggling with?

How long have you been involved or struggling?

Are you a Christian (explain what you believe)?

Are your parents Christians?

Do you attend church regularly, if so what kind of church is it?

The advice we give you will be based completely on God's word, the Bible. The advice and the help we offer will be valuable, but the effectiveness of our advice will depend completely on your willingness to Hear and Obey God's word.

We hope to hear from you soon! Simply email us and answer the questions from above. 

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