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Our society is rapidly degrading morally and Christians need to respond.

Yes it's true, our society is morally and spiritually on a downward slide. Oh we may be the richest country with the most technology, but we are headed for trouble morally and spiritually. The family is breaking down. Society is redefining the family unit. Society is redefining what's right and wrong. Divorce is at an all time high. Fewer and fewer children grow up living with their fathers. Suicide and abortion plague our nation. Children shoot children in schools. Men want to be women and women want to be men. Pornography is one of the biggest money makers in our culture. Yet it seems that most people hardly notice the change. If the founders of this country were living in our day with their traditional biblical values, they would immediately begin a fast and burden themselves with constant prayer and preaching. Many churches and pastors have dropped their guard. Many have laid down the "Sword of the Lord" and picked up carnal weapons that have no effectiveness in a spiritual battle. It's no wonder the church is not Salt and Light in this lost and dying world that's spiraling quickly downward morally and spiritually. Christians need to repent of their lukewarm attitudes toward the sins of our day. Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ must use God's word to confront the problems of our day.

Christian, understand that the most effective way to bring our society back to it's moral and spiritual roots is to lead individuals to Jesus Christ.

We must proclaim the Gospel message and not water down that message. Tell of God's wrath against sin and the sinner. Speak of the One who took our punishment on the Cross. Warn of the Horrors of Eternal Hell. To many Christians have fallen into the tolerance mode of our own society. Yes we need to be forgiving. True we need to reach all with the gospel, but we cannot and should not water down what God's word says about the sins of our society. Believer, be reminded that God's truth has never been a popular message throughout Old Testament and New Testament history. Proclaim God's word as it is. Don't strive to please men, rather please God. We want to help believers or unbelievers. If you have questions please feel free to call on the phone or contact us by e-mail. TAaron@Have-Faith.org 

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Our society is rapidly degrading morally and Christians need to respond.